Military exhibition in Gallery of Photography

On 30 July, in Rzeszów Gallery of Photography, the second part of the exhibition devoted to military history in the border region during the period of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy was opened under the title “Militaria in the history of Rzeszów and Stropkov until 1918”.

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Visitors from Rzeszów, Stropkov and surrounding towns were welcomed by Ryszard Winiarski – Director of Rzeszów Gallery of Photography, Agnieszka Kielar – Head of Culture Department at Rzeszów Town Hall and Ondrej Brendza – Mayor of Stropkov.

The unique exhibition “Militaria in the history of Rzeszów and Stropkov until 1918” includes items such as elements of soldiers’ uniforms, weapons, documentation of military operations and elements of field kitchens of the Austro-Hungarian army. The depiction of historic items on numerous photographs gives us an opportunity to reflect upon our daily lives and the world around us.

The exhibits originate from the private collections of, among others, Jozef Kiklica, Jozef Švec and Juraj Čečko, as well as from the Regional Museum in Preszów, Przemyśl Fortress Museum and the Historic Dukla Palace Museum.

The exhibition is open until 04/09/2018 (Monday to Friday: 9.00-17.00, Saturday: 11.00-17.00) in Rzeszów Gallery of Photography, ul. 3 Maja 9, Rzeszów. Free entrance.